Oxy Powder Colon Cleanser

At some point in our lives many of us will experience bouts of malaise and fatigue, a condition that may well not be in keeping with our lifestyles or diet. Whether or not you adhere to a regular exercise regime, eat healthily and get plenty of sleep you may yet feel lethargic during the day.

Of course if you suffer any prolonged or severe occurrences of this condition you should always consult your family doctor, but if at times you do feel compromised in this way the cause may well be traced to disruptions to your digestive system. Our bodily functions are complex, finely balanced and often susceptible to the smallest of influences. Cardiovascular functions are vital to our health and wellbeing and any condition which affects the usual rhythm will often have an immediate and obvious affect on us. Likewise any problems with our renal or hepatic function.

The digestive system is just as important;so maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle can help prevent any serious problems occurring. As a finely balanced internal process the digestive system can be affected by small changes which can cause lethargy and fatigue.

At around nine metres long the digestive process is one of the most complex functions our body undertakes to maintain our health. After mastication the food will travel to the stomach where the enzymes in our saliva assist the gastric secretions and the muscles in the stomach in breaking down proteins and cellulose. It is in the stomach that most of the food is broken down and from where it is passed through the duodenum and into the small intestine. The function of the small intestine is to absorb the nutrients from the food we have ingested – indeed over 95% of absorption occurs in the small intestine.

Once the food has passed through the small intestine – which is around six to seven meters long -it will enter into the large intestine where the bacteria in your get will release further enzymes to promote fermentation and release the remaining nutrients from the food. The large intestine will also absorb water so that the body does not dehydrate.

All in all the process is extremely efficient and has evolved in this way over millions of years so that we get as much nutrient absorption as possible from the food ingested.

Digestion, however, can be disrupted by a number of agents. If you have eaten heavy foods or not varied your diet or perhaps ingested too many toxins such as alcohol, the process can be slowed or full efficiency can be retarded. If this happens this can result in you feeling bloated, fatigued or constipated. Given that most of us over indulge with wine or rich and heavy foods from time to time we can all fall victim to this condition. As our intestinal tract is around seven to eight metres in length there is plenty of space and opportunity for digested matter to become blocked or retained.

Oxy Powder is a non-intrusive remedy that can help cleanse and relieve the digestive system of blockages and other retained foods that become stuck in the intestinal system. Taken orally the capsules contain magnesium oxide based allotropes of oxygen whicheffervesce gently and harmlessly through your digestive tract to cleanse and breakdown trapped or retained digested matter from the large intestine to be passed as part of the usual digestive function.

The Oxy Powder treatment can therefore be used not just when you are feeling constipated, but also to gently cleanse the system of toxins. At the initial treatment stage, the capsules are taken at a high dosage of between four and six per day over the course of seven days. This will result in a loose bowel movement of between three to five times per day. After this initial cleanse the treatment can be used whenever required to maintain your energy levels.

Oxy Powder is an all natural product with no harsh or irritant causing ingredients. The product can be used as regularly as it is required to cleanse, detoxify and free the digestive tract which results from over indulgence or just day to day living.

Supplied by the Finchley Clinic, an established and highly reputable nutritional supplement provider, Oxy Powder can have the power to revitalise you when you are feeling fatigued and to relieve you if you are feeing bloated or constipated. To view their supplements simply visit their website at


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