Colon cleansing

Maintaining a healthy digestive tract is an essential requirement to feeling and keeping healthy. If a build up of digested matter or toxins accumulate within the colon and upper intestinal tract you at once feel an uncomfortable bloated feeling. Whilst this is an easily attributable, physical manifestation of a congested intestinal function, there will be other symptoms which may not be so obvious.

Bouts of fatigue, headaches and loss of appetite will also usually accompany the bloated feeling as well as some less obvious symptoms such as bad breath, backaches, mood swings and weight gain.

If you have ever suffered from a combination of the above or just some on in isolation, it may well be that you too can benefit from a colon cleansing regime. But just what exactly does a colon cleanse entail?

Colon cleansing is a term given to a wide range of procedures designed to release a build up of toxins and matter from the lower intestine. Such procedures can include intrusive therapies such as colonic irrigation whilst others use drugs and other chemicals to produce a laxative effect.

Whilst these are the most common form of colon cleansing there has in recent years been a development in more natural, less harsh treatments. One in particular is the Oxy Powder Colon Cleanse. Oxy Powder is taken orally in the form of easy to swallow capsules which gradually break down as the treatment works its way through your system.

The main active ingredient in Oxy Powder is magnesium oxide, an essential mineral which interacts with the acids in the stomach to release oxygen in a gradual and controlled manner as the minerals move through your system. Once the reaction stars and enters your lower intestine the oxygen release permeates the membrane wall and enters the blood stream in exactly the same process as nutritional absorption does.

This process occurs throughout the small and lower intestinal tract and gently dislodges clogged and blocked digested matter. At the same time the reaction also cleanses the intestine and colon of toxin accumulations.

The treatment is normally started at relatively high doses of four to six capsules so that the process frees the main blockages. Once the initial treatment is completed the capsules are taken as and when required to maintain the healthy operation of the digestive system, which in turn will lead to a feeling of increased energy.

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